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Water Leak Detection & Thermal Imagining

Experienced, family run plumbing company in Perth
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Water Leak Detection & Thermal Imagining

Experienced, family run plumbing company in Perth
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1. Cost of Water Bills

We all know water isn’t a free, and as it becomes scarcer and harder to get the price is going up and up. This is why it is so in important to make sure that water being paid for is not being wasted. By hiring Nupipe Plumbing to come in and carry out water leak detection in a home or business, big money can be saved in the long term.

Blocked Drains

2. Water Safety

Simply having a water supply isn’t enough. It’s necessary to know that that water supply is safe for family members or any employees to actually use. If the water supply pipes are leaking, it can be that contaminants are getting into the water that people drinking or using for other purposes. Also, if wastewater pipes are leaking it can be contaminating the entire property. Professional water leak detection can give owners peace of mind.

3. Environment

If if an owner or business is concerned about the environment, then they certainly want to give some thought to the possibility of leaking pipes. Our most precious source, freshwater is under pressure as our population booms and our requirements for water drastically increase. Droughts are taking place across the country, reservoirs in many states and territories are at their lowest levels ever. Conserving our water supply through water leak detection is simply the smart thing to do.

4. The Cost of Delay

One of the problems that result from not dealing with water leaks early is that the consequences can be even more expensive later on. A limited amount of damage can grow to a great deal more if undetected. Water leak detection allows homeowners and businesses to quickly repair a problem before it gets out of hand, saving a great deal of trouble and expense later on.

5. Damage to Other Propert

Water leaks can do more than just waste water. Over time, a leak in the ground can cause significant damage to the foundation of a home or building, increase moisture within the structure and encourage the growth of mould and other infestations. All of these problems could prove to be very expensive to solve.

Thermal Leak detection

It is not always obvious where the sources of a leak is located, or it may be expensive and/or destructive to find out.

Moisture, mould & rising damp – infrared cameras can be used to find the extent and source of damage caused to a property by moisture related issues (including rising and lateral damp, and mould).

Insurance claims – thermal camera inspections are often used as an evidence base for insurance claims (including the various mechanical, electrical and safety issues outlined above)

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